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Stop auction house Gaylee

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Stop auction house Gaylee

We Are Here For You

Banks Threatening To Take Legal Action?

Our experts know how to negotiate effectively with banks. We know that it can be very stressful – our team provides you with free advice on how to stop further action.

Worried About Losing Your Property?

Our team is here to support you through a very tough situation. Having helped so many before you, we know exactly what options are available to you.

Worried About Losing Your Vehicle?

We have a few options to choose from, to make sure you dont end up owing the bank money after an auction, where the car may be sold for less than the book value.

Stop auction house Gaylee

Just because your car or house is in arrears, doesn’t mean an auction is definite!

Stop auction house Gaylee

We Have The Right Solution

Stop My Auction SA will help you find the right solution and if you are interested, so that you can stop worrying and enjoy a peaceful nights rest.

Every month 1700 properties and 6500 cars go on auction. Our service includes FREE telephonic advice as to what your rights are, when dealing with the banks or their attorneys.

Stop auction house Gaylee

“The team at Stop My Auction SA were so helpful. I was honestly only days away from losing my home, but Llewellyn really went out of his way to make sure it was put on hold. They helped me to put everything in order and now I can start to breathe again. Than you so much for everything. You guys are amazing!”

—Candice Hendricks

“I really couldn’t sleep properly, worried about my home and what was going to happen to my family. But after just one call with Stop My Auction SA, I felt so much relief. In just a short period of time, everything worked out so much better than I ever thought it would. I am so glad I gave them a call.” 

—John Vermeulen

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